Ever wondered where you would be, if you just had kept walking ahead everyday, instead of doing your daily commute ?

Find out
the answer!

You walk everyday (to go to work, a meeting, an appointment…) or you even run (to work out). The Beautiful Walk uses your recorded journeys (from Runkeeper,Strava...) and convert them into an imaginary race around the world.

A race
around the world!

The route follows small back roads, main roads, sometimes wood paths, as straight as possible, still making you travel through every continent of the world.
It is based on Google Maps walking routes.
You will start at the Paris Botanical Garden, Le Jardin des Plantes, then go to Kuala Lumpur, stopping off at Istanbul and Samarkand. You will then take over at Perth to travel through Australia and find yourself in Sidney. Taking over at Lima, you will then walk all the way up to New York. Finally, taking over at Cape Town, you will cross over the entire African continent from South to North to go back to Paris via Gibraltar.
It is a rather straight (between the stages) journey of about 40,000 km.
40,000 km is also the distance you would cover if you ran along the equator, magically walking on water!

does that work?

You only need to register and link your account with your favourite running app and here we go:
Everytime you move
  1. Start your compatible application
  2. Start recording your activity
  3. Run!
  4. Once your running/walk is over, deactivate your app.
  5. Your activity will be recorded and collected online before appearing on the website.

I’m not quite the athlete...

If you walk only 6 km a day - which is about a relaxed hour - it only takes 20 years to travel around the world!
Besides, we have written little stories for each stage, so that you can learn about the wonders of the lands you run across.

Which data are you storing ?

We only locally keep the distance, type, date and duration of your activities, as well as the informations you wish to share in your user profile.